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Why choose Daedalus®?

Country-specific regulations have always complicated expansion into the international  market. But regulations are constantly becoming stricter and more and more non-transparent. For many companies, the regular check of requirements is therefore not only  more and more time-consuming and costly, but the changes in requirements turn out to be a real entrepreneurial risk. 

With our new Daedalus® database, we create an easy-to-understand, up-to-date and country-specific overview that helps companies to meet the legal requirements in their respective markets, all based on a simple booking and invoicing model.

What service does the Daedalus® electronic management system offer?

Within Daedalus® electronic management system you can book countries and accounts online. You also have an overview on all your orders and your invoices. 

This offers you the greatest possible flexibility in adapting your orders individually to your projects.

How will I know that booked regulatory intelligence has changed?

An essential  success factor for the Daedalus® service is to regular check the data’s up-to-dateness. If a change has an impact on the booked intelligence, a revised version is promptly uploaded to Daedalus® and you are informed about the newly uploaded version.

Changes in the regulatory intelligence are highlighted within Daedalus® and listed in the version history. Audit trails in accordance with legal requirements are available to our clients for audits and inspections on request.

In addition, does all clients benefit from free global regulatory news posted on the national authorities websites.

Can I test Daedalus® without obligations?

Please take advantage of the trial offer for all new clients.

If you click here you can test 

1 country

in a package of your choice

for 1 month for free

I need further information that is not included in Daedalus®’ database service. Can you help?

Sure, we are happy to support you. Further assistance and information that is outside the Daedalus® database scope is available through our consulting service.

Please contact us so that we can find out how we can support you.


Our Expertise for Your Security

What are the system requirements for accessing to RegIntA’s database?

You don’t need to install any software. The application runs directly in your current web browser.

Desktop browser are

Mobile Browsers are

Your internet connection should have a minimum speed of 4 MBit and your monitor should have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Safari 13.x or higher

Chrome 80 or higher

Microsoft Edge 44

New Microsoft Edge 80

Mobile Safari, iOS 13 or higher

Chrome 80, Android 7.x or higher

How protects RegIntA data?

The RegIntA’s data center is certified according to ISO 27001 and is located in Germany.

All processes comply with the German and EU data protection regulations.

Web sessions are encrypted with SSL.

The database is encrypted with AES 256 Bit.

The two-factor authentication offers additional security for a variety of actions, such as placing orders within the system.


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