Our expertise for you security

Security Assessment

We identify internal vulnerabilities of your company for you, which could be used to attack your company. 

In addition to the inspection of your website, this also includes the inspection of your sub-/domain(s) and all freely accessible IP addresses that can be assigned to your company.

You will receive a detailed analysis report as well as recommendations for action and an overview diagram.

Closing security gaps in organisation and technology

We systematically examine the IT infrastructure and workflows in your company for weak points. Our tips show you how you can improve your network. 

In addition, you will receive recommendations for action for your company.

IT security consulting to make your systems stronger

Even before protective measures such as endpoint security take effect, servers and end devices should be configured to make it as difficult as possible for intruders. Together with you, we develop a concept for the computer security measures that will protect you from a hacker attack in the long term. 

Preparing for the worst case

With the right planning, you will significantly reduce downtime in the event of a computer security incident, which will get your business back up and running quickly. 

We work with you to create contingency plans to provide the framework for your emergency preparedness.

IT security in the healthcare sector

Digitalisation is a major challenge for the healthcare industry.

Depending on the facility, you may have to take a wide range of regulations into account. 

Thanks to many years of experience in healthcare, our experts will work with you to find effective and individual solutions to increase your IT security.

Phishing simulation

Test your employees' reaction to "dangerous" phishing emails

We send fake and harmless phishing emails personalised to your employees. 

You get a traceable report of how often potentially dangerous attachments were opened or information revealed. 

This makes security awareness measurable.

Report with risk assessment and specific recommendations 

Phishing is one of the biggest threats to businesses. This is because an attack directly targets people. The attack hits them during their work process – when their focus is on the upcoming meeting or delivery deadline. That's why phishing simulations have become an important part of modern computer security in recent years. 

We help your company to detect attacks in any situation.  


With our simulated attacks, your employees will be sustainably sensitised. Your employees will realise that a successful attack is always possible – all it takes is 1 wrong click.  

Trust in our expertise. Our simulations are based on real cases. 

Prove the success of sensitisation measures in your company with concrete figures from the phishing simulator.

Security Awareness Training

Increase the IT security awareness of your employees

We provide your company with comprehensive cybersecurity knowledge and address your questions individually.


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