Experience the advantages

We help the industry to comply with national safety reporting requirements by offering carefully worked out intelligence promptly in digital form via the user-friendly RegIntA web portal.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance & Inspection Readiness

Regulatory safety reporting requirements are rapidly changing.

Keeping up to speed with the very latest country specific developments is one of the greatest and most time-consuming challenges for the industry. In fact it is one of the highest risks.

Avoid issues with auditors and inspectors and benefit from up-to-date regulatory intelligence.

Save Time & Money

RegIntA opens a new opportunity for the industry: 

No experienced and trained own staff is required. No cost increase is needed through a detour via a CRO.   

Instead our clients are informed promptly and directly of any changes to their reporting obligations related to their projects.

State-of-The-Art Technologies

Based on a modern database management system we created the RegIntA database which our clients can access via the user-friendly web portal. 

It is our commitment to stay innovative and continuously develop and improve RegIntA’s technical features for our clients.


RegIntA has a strong team of experienced specialists who review and analyze various sources, as well as process and upload data for the  specific needs of our clients.

Excellent Client Service

For us, client service means that we work closely with our clients, provide advice regarding regulatory queries and offer support for technical issues.

We provide assistance in English, German, Russian and Chinese.

A user-friendly online manual and videos are available in English and German.




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Katrin Rosen

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